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A Real World Workout

Total FX Fitness is not your typical gym. There are no weight machines, no boring workouts, and best of all, there’s something for everyone.

Total FX Fitness is a leader in functional strength and circuit training. If you’re ready to achieve goals you never thought possible, Total FX Fitness is your community group training facility.

Total FX Fitness programs can be adapted to your fitness level. Our qualified and experienced instructors will ensure you have a challenge level that’s tailored to you.

What's Happening at TFX

Youth Packages Available

Youth Fit for youth from ages 8 to 14 years. Click here for more information or contact our designated youth program coordinator today to find a fit for your child or young adult.

Membership Packages

All packages have been tailored to suit your fitness needs and goals. For advice on what package is suited to you contact our membership consultant today.

BA'BE' Fit

This program is designed for pre and postnatal parents who are looking to stay fit during and after pregnancy.

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Power Yoga

This vigorous, fitness-based approach to Vinayasa style yoga puts emphasis on strength and flexibility.

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Adult Fit

With three levels of fitness for adult programs you are sure to find one that makes a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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