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  • Live Better: Snack Time!

    Live Better: Snack Time!

    Granola Breakfast / Snack Wrap This is an easy vegetarian and vegan breakfast/snack wrap idea. Although this wrap recipe calls for apples, you could also use banana or another fruit instead. A quick and easy breakfast or after-school snack for kids as well. -Organic sprouted wrap or gluten-free wrap -Nut butter or sunflower seed butter

  • Live Better 30 Day Challenge

    Live Better 30 Day Challenge

    This is a 30 day challenge to revitalize your health and energy levels with an all-encompassing program. Perfect for anyone looking to improve strength and conditioning, achieve greater mental clarity and focus, lose weight, build muscle, and join an amazing community of health-centred individuals! See for yourself why Total FX Fitness was the winner of