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  • Supercharge September Challenge

    Supercharge September Challenge

    Supercharge your metabolism and fitness with a 30 day juicing and nutritional plan with 30 day support, measurements, goal setting, workshops and supercharged workouts to get you back on track after a summer of fun!   NEW MEMBERS interested in joining us can join for 30 days UNLIMITED for $99+hst (Introductory Rate) Any existing members sign

  • Get Tough: A Beginners Guide to Impact Training

    Get Tough: A Beginners Guide to Impact Training

    Why Is Tempering Important? An anvil can take a pounding. It doesn’t give in, it doesn’t quit, and it doesn’t cry for help or run to momma. A hammer is designed to dish out a pounding. Its sole purpose in life is sort of like the saying, “Hulk Smash!” Yet, even as it delivers a